12 Indian School Students Win The Prestigious NASA Space Settlement Design Contest

With close to 1000 entries from across 21 countries, 12 young Indian students from Amity International, Noida, made the country proud by securing the first position at the prestigious NASA Space Settlement Design Contest, 2015. This 20th annual competition is one of the most acclaimed and toughest contests, and was held at NASA’s Kennedy Space Centre in Florida, USA.

Although NASA has been organizing this competition for the past two decades, this is the first time when an Indian team has outshone at the contest.

The team comprised of 12 students Dhruv Khanna, Aabhas Vaish, Aman Agarwal, Anuj Harisinghani, Rishab Srivastava, Chittaranjan Prasad, Suchit Jain, Rahul Rajput, Tanay Asija, Anant Chaturvedi, Grishma Purewal and Mudit Gupta, who with their attention to details and impressive planning were able to impress the judges.

Indian School Students Win The Prestigious NASA Space Settlement Design Contest
The competition involves designing a model of a city in space that can house 10000 people in 48 hours. According to a PTI report, the Amity team designed “two main settlements and four outlying settlements to accommodate a population of 24,000 as well as a transient of 3,000 more on Mars using a transparent material, ‘Aluminium Oxinitride’. Their work involved various aspects such as Automation Engineering, Operations Engineering, Human Engineering, Marketing and Finance, schedule and cost.”

Congratulations to the entire team and the school for achieving such an amazing feat!

Source: A. ADDA


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