Government offers seed, diesel subsidies to farmers hit by patchy monsoon

The government will offer subsidies on seeds and diesel to help farmers facing patchy monsoon rains in some key growing states, an official statement said on Wednesday.

Government Offers Diesel Subsidy to Farmers Hit by Patchy Monsoon
The government, which has earmarked Rs 100 crore for diesel subsidies, will also ensure subsidised seeds are available in case farmers need to plant their crops again, the statement said after a Cabinet meeting chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Monsoon rains irrigate nearly half of India’s farm lands. So far, the June-September monsoon rains have been 9 per cent below a long-term average.

Fourteen states, including Bihar, Punjab, Haryana, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh, have received less than satisfactory rains this year.

Subsidies for seeds and diesel and a few other measures to help cushion the blow of poor monsoon would cost Rs 300 crore, said the statement.

Source: NDTV


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