Study decodes dinosaur duo’s beach stroll

Two carnivorous dinosaurs strolled along the beach in what is now Germany, some 142 million years ago, according to a new study of their fossilized footprints which provide insight into the hunters’ daily life.

One of the dinosaurs was large, the other small. They were in no hurry, and they almost strolled along, leaving their footprints in the wet sand, researchers said.

From time to time they skidded because it’s hard to stand firm in the wet sand, but they kept their course and continued straight ahead, they said. A few times the small one had to trot in order to catch up, said biologist Pernille Veno Troelsen from University of Southern Denmark. The footprints were excavated in the period 2009-11 in Munchehagen in Germany.

Source: TOI


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