Hundreds of Snakes Die a Painful Death After Nagpanchami. Here’s How One Team Is Helping Them – See more at:

Seeing a snake during this period is considered extremely auspicious and people usually offer money to the charmer and milk to the snake.

snake charmer - Nagpanchami

Hundreds of snake die a slow painful death during the festival of Nagpanchami when snake charmers capture them. Since watching a snake is considered auspicious, snake charmers make money out of it. But little do we know about the painful conditions these snakes are kept in. Here is an organization helping snakes break free from the misery.

Nagpanchami is a festival celebrated all over India, where people worship the Snake God. A variety of rituals and prayers are conducted in temples and homes, and the devout pray for wellness, wealth or for off springs. During the run up to the main festival it is a common sight to see snake charmers outside temples or at prominent places carrying snakes in wicker baskets.

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